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Festival of the Ages Kyoto 2013

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Bay Area Derby Girls Battle it Out for Supremacy

Bay Area Derby Girls (BAD Girls), Roller Derby Bout between the Richmond Wrecking Belles Team Members: Abominatrix: 140
Amanda Jamitinya: 9
Baron von Punchausen: 238
Biggie Brawls: 77
Chantilly Mace: 26
Demanda Riot: 000
Diva Negativa: 23
Eva Menace: 2020
Kutya Cackoff: FU2
Little Miss Masochist: 22
Liza Machete: 1
Razor Grrl: 381
Skatelyn: 36
Skrappie: 5
Stace Odyssey: 2001
Sterling Archer: 925
Talulah Wrecks: T2
Thin Lizzy: 10
Val Curry: 512 vs The San Francisco ShEvil Dead, team members:
and the Bronny Bonebreaker: 333
Dorothy Dread: 127
Cassius May: 71
Humm Vee: 300
Kid Ace: 52
Kimfectious: 47
Korn Holy-O: 17
Mae K. Haste: 318
Mean Burrito: 89
Nurse Lithium: 140
Pearl Bones: 1300
Sherlock Homeslice: 713
Silver Foxxy: 616
slaybia majora: 0
Tarah Bishop: 999
Thea Venger: D1E
trixie pixie: 360
Selby: 934
Zia Later: 505.
Flat Track Roller Derby Double Header at the Armory San Fancisco California