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A Cuban version of "ride sharing" in a vintage car on the highway in Havana. The Economic reality of the effects of the 56 year American Economic Blockage of Cuba is reflected in the historic building facades, antique automobiles, and the dilapidated living conditions of the Cuban people, Havana, Cuba, May 2016.

The United States imposed a commercial, economic, and financial blockade against Cuba on Oct. 19,1960 (in Cuba called el bloqueo, “the blockade”). A blockade is economic warfare as defined by the Oxford Dictionary. The Cuban blockade is the most long lasting in modern history. Despite the blockade, the United States is the fifth largest exporter to Cuba (6.6% of Cuba’s imports are from the US). Cuba must, however, pay cash for all imports. No credit is allowed. These images of Havana Cuba are of what remains after 56 years of that economic warfare. The ruins of the Cold War.

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