Rory Merry was educated at Downside Abbey in Stratton-on-the-Fosse in Somerset United Kingdom, an English public school run by the Benedictine order of monks.

A Rinzai Zen trained photojournalist with 50 years experience, his training in Zen and Swordsmanship at Chozen-Ji International Zen Dojo with Tenshin Tanouye Roshi is reflected in his high-energy photography.Through his practice of being in the present, he is able to capture the essence of the moment.




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Rum Break at Cuban Mattress Shop

Rum Break at Cuban Mattress Shop

A Cuban worker enjoys some rum at a mattress shop in Alamar, the largest public housing project in Cuba, in front of a portrait of Che Guevara, the legendary hero of the Cuban revolution, Alamar, Cuba. New mattresses cost about 200 convertible pesos or more - some $250 U.S., which is out of reach for many Cubans. Even a re-stuffed mattress costs 40 to 50 convertible pesos - equal to two or three month's salary. So mattresses are coveted. They're not tossed aside or thrown away. No one leaves them at the curb for someone to pick up.

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